How To Pair Up Your JEANS With Colored TOPS

How many pair of jeans do you own? Jeans are the most versatile kind of clothing that can be matched with almost any tops. Well, only if you avoid several color matches. Here's the complete guide to match your jeans with colored tops for the weather. Save the image into your fashion folder, and happy styling!

Light-washed Jeans

A perfect spring~summer to-go item. Pair up with pastels and bright colors to add a fizzy-fresh vibe to your outfit on a sunny day!

Reconsider matching light washed jeans with: dark red tops

Blue jeans

Simple and staple. Add some freshness to your outfits in a cloudy weather!

Reconsider matching blue jeans with: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue tops

Indigo Jeans

Classic indigo jeans never fail. This darker denim works really well on a rainy, chilly day. Pair up with any top except the indigo blue colored ones!

Reconsider matching indigo jeans with: Navy tops

Cream Jeans

Cream jeans ace in the winter. The warm, rich, creamy tone will give you a cozy look.

Match your cream jeans with vivid tops to drop some accent to your winter outfits!

Reconsider matching cream jeans with: Beige, Bright ocean blue tops.

Black Jeans

Black jeans are the most versatile clothing ever. Be creative, go crazy with colors when you are matching your black jeans with tops!

All types & colors of jean go well with pure white & black tops, soft pastel tops, light gray & ivory tops.

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